Monday, 21 September 2009

Paper anniversary

It's the second anniversary of Strange News From The Plankton! So a second opportunity to reflect on the success or otherwise of this project. First up, this year has been slightly more successful in numbers of posts, up from 120 to 135. And this increase has been achieved despite a decline in the number of duck posts, down from 42 to 18 in spite of a more robust quad population. The balance between fiction and science fiction has also tipped in a more positive direction, although only if I lump the crime genre in with more literary reads. Still, I think I'm dodging the pulpier end of this most popular of genres for now. Another plus point has been a bit of an increase in the science content, with even a couple of items on the planktonic side. Still, given it's my job, I could probably do a lot better. And I was quite pleased that I managed to sort out at least one holiday blog this year - we're off to East Sussex / Kent next week, so I'll have another opportunity to try my hand at that. On the downside, despite my protestations last year, there's still very little sign of any of the cleverer content I occasionally think about but never write (cf. the manifesto). My idea of a "How did I get here?" series is still very much confined to my head, while I've not properly formulated any ideas for more formalised projects (well, at least ones that are plausible enough to share). Still, as ever, there's always time. Strange News can continue for now.

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