Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Hi-res / Lo-res

In preparation for an O2025 meeting (that I've managed to dodge), I've been knocking up some movies of Medusa's performance in different resolution versions of NEMO. Here are two showing the same field (total primary production) for the same year (1998) and for the same region (tropical instability waves in the equatorial Pacific).

1 degree:

0.25 degree:

It's funny to think that when I started in this game, 1 degree was considered high resolution. Now it's "woefully inadequate". Still, at least the 1 degree model runs on our local supercomputer and gets about 3 (simulated) years per (real) day. And it's getting a lot of the features that the 0.25 degree model is showing. Although it just doesn't look as "real" as the latter!

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