Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Failed Briton

It's been confirmed at last: I'm a failure as a British citizen. I took the test but barely managed to scrape half-marks, which surely comfortably tags me up for imminent deportation ...

You have failed the practice citizenship test.

Questions answered correctly: 12 out of 24 (50%)

Time taken: 04 minutes 22 seconds

I can't be sure why I failed (the site doesn't help you there), but some of the questions were pretty strange. For instance, there were a number that could only be answered by demographers familiar with census data, and a couple of others that asked the test subject to select the correct of several similar-sounding organisations. But the overwhelming problem, as far as I could see, was that they tested knowledge of irrelevant or arcane British factoids.

I seriously doubt that, despite being a UK citizen, I'm unusual in failing the test. It's the sort of thing that's sufficiently poorly-judged that one begins to question the wider credibility of government activities.


Deditos said...


You have passed the practice citizenship test.

Questions answered correctly: 18 out of 24 (75%)

Time taken: 06 minutes 16 seconds

I guessed about 3/4 of them, so it'd be amusing to see what the overlap was... I get the impression that the exam is asking you to regurgitate a few facts from a booklet they hand you at Dover.

Anne Gearhart said...

Got 8 right. Suits me fine . I recall thinking I would struggle a tad on the US Citizenship test, being that it had bee na while since I'd had my high school Government class.

Plumbago said...

18 / 24! Wow. My score is equal-best to those of my immediate workmates, so the collective might of NOCS is bowed by that of CEH. I expect you'll be waving us all off from Dover.

8 / 24 is really good considering you've only been to the UK twice (IIRC). Clearly osmosis works fast. Then again, you are from one of our former colonies, so ...

I guess I'm not really sure what the point of these tests is. While passing them will require study of some stupid UK-For-Dummies textbook, the knowledge of the UK gained will be pretty random. At least judging from the questions that is.

Anyway, I'll report my new location once I've been deported by the Home Office handlers.

Life in the UK Test said...

Hi, I passed the British Citizenship Test. 19 questions are correct our of 24. The percentage 78%.

Plumbago said...

You're the winner here so far - and none of my friends who've taken the test have managed such a high score. Well done!

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