Saturday, 22 September 2012

An observation

When I was in high school, there was a fellow pupil with pretty singularly bright red hair. Doing biology, I wondered about the rareness of this trait. I saw it as a the beginning of the journey of something new and dominant, rather than an inevitable consequence of recessiveness and time.

As a child, you have no idea just how far out to equilibrium the world is. You assume that it is poised for change, when it actually requires incredible effort to shift it from its path.

I write this as an adult - and not a young one - still only dimly aware of this fact.


APM said...

A lull and then this. Much better than free will.

Plumbago said...

I think that we can probably all agree that our long-running free will discussion is now completely sterile. I think you (and Bablu) are wrong; you, in turn, think that I am wrong; the overwhelming majority of the general public unthinkingly agrees with my position; and I think that the the overwhelming majority of the general public are a great big bunch of Cartesian Dualists. Game over, man.

That said, and correct me if I'm wrong, I intuit that you might agree with the sentiments in my rather wistfully - and swiftly - composed posting. As such, it won't be providing anything that we can get our teeth into should we ever get around to organising a Christmas Lunch. Care to suggest something that we can vehemently disagree on, but still fitfully - and semi-objectively - discuss?

APM said...

No, I favour your radical move to more poetic insights. Maybe as the evening progresses we can move to haiku form.
The warmth, ales and food,
of the Platform at Christmas
demand phoning Boris

Plumbago said...

Total. Fucking. Genius.