Thursday, 7 May 2009

More plague state news

While I'm about 80% better since my last post, I saw my first face mask today cycling in (... to work - I'm back transmitting my RNA-based invader). A woman walking over the Itchen Bridge had a mask of some sort over her mouth. Although the bridge is a major thoroughfare, it's single lane traffic and pretty wind-blown, so I don't think the mask was anti-pollution. Certainly, I think that it's the first mask I've seen anyone wearing in all of the years I've been crossing the bridge. So although Mexican/swine/H1N1 flu is off of the news agenda (at least that of the Beeb), some people appear to be taking it seriously. Though it might yet come back to bite us in the winter, it's already looking like this latest pandemic alert is just going to chalk up another example in the "crying wolf" column.

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