Friday, 8 May 2009

Duckling count

I've decided not to keep a log of our quad's ducklings this year. Partly because of the dispiriting mortality that they suffer, but also because I've gotten off to a rubbish start. I didn't get a good initial head-count, and the ducklings seem to be better at hiding under bushes this year. Anyway, as of right now, we appear to be down to a single brood of 8 ducklings (contrary to the last duck post, we had two large broods in the quad). That's quite a bit down on what we started with this year, but not precipitous just yet.


Anne Gearhart said...

Too bad. I found it fun, sweet and inspiring.

Plumbago said...

So did I till the Grim Reaper arrived! ;-)

Actually, the main problem is that I've not been making good counts of them this year. They seem to be hiding more often for some reason. There have been some days when I've not seen any at all, assumed the worst, only for them to reappear the next day.

That, and I keep forgetting to bring in our binoculars!