Tuesday, 21 April 2009


Finally, as of yesterday, the chicks are back. About 14 counted today as the picture below shows ...

Apparently there were some around last weekend, but it being the Easter weekend, no-one was around to feed them and there was something of a Malthusian lockdown. Anyway, it appears that feeding's being arranged for the new batch. Or possibly batches - there's more than one mother duck hanging around the quad.

Anyway, in spite of foreknowledge of their grim Malthusian fate, it's nice to see them again. Hopefully we can improve on last year's shockingly bad success rate (2/33).


Deditos said...

Already you've made that look like a crime scene photo. I take it you're not optimistic.

Plumbago said...

I stopped short of drawing outlines around the chicks. But, yes, I wasn't optimistic, and so far Malthus' doctrine is being held to. Bar this photograph, I'm not sure that I'm going to keep track of duckling numbers this year after last year's graphs!