Tuesday, 28 April 2009

The Fall

Microblogging momentarily, I just have to mention that I caught the film The Fall yesterday (sans C I should add - she bailed shortly before the one hour mark; fantasy isn't really her bag). While it definitely owes more than a little to The Princess Bride, and constantly teeters between overblown and pretentious, it's incredibly imaginative, visually-speaking, and is regularly exceptionally beautiful. It seems to have been shot all over the world - well, all over the most beautiful parts of it at any rate. And it has some extraordinary sequences in it - in particular, the marriage ceremony in a tower full of spinning dervishes is a stand-out moment. It's liable to leave many people cold and/or confused, but I'd recommend it to anyone who likes visual cinema (... and is prepared to put up with a bit of fantastical story-telling).

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