Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Personally sacred

I got a really special item today courtesy of APM. Until last year, he shared an office with Mike Fasham, but just this week he's moved to a new one. As part of the move, he's been sorting through and organising Mike's remaining papers and books at NOCS. Through of the generosity of Mike's family, some of us have been lucky to acquire some of the scientific reprints and texts from his library (including a copy of the oceanographic bible, Tracers in the Sea). Thanks to careful sifting by APM, I've now got a copy of one of Mike's first scientific papers, originally published way back in the year that I was born. But today I got something even more special.

Way back in the mists of time, I wrote my PhD thesis based almost entirely around the description, in a review chapter, of a plankton model that Mike once wrote (Modelling the marine biota, 1993). Anyway, today APM found me a near-final draft of the chapter, complete with comments from both Mike and one of his colleagues. It's a really significant item for me, being both a connection to Mike and to my earliest, and most significant, introduction to plankton modelling. It's just great.


Anne Gearhart said...

How wonderful! What do you plan to do with it?

Plumbago said...

Good question. It's not really the sort of item that lends itself to much. I could frame the front page, but it might look a bit odd hanging on the wall. Still, it would mean something to me. Anyway, I'm still thinking. :-)