Sunday, 27 September 2009

Burwash Barn

As of late yesterday, we're on holiday in Burwash, East Sussex, another of our 2009 staycations. Previously we've done Scotland and Wales, but this is the English leg of our UK travels this year.

Anyway, so far so good. The place we're staying, a converted barn, is fantastic. As well as being really attractive, the owners have kitted it out with virtually everything you'd need. To use a cliche, it's practically a home from home. We've even got wi-fi, and we arrived to find a cake waiting for us.


As we arrived relatively late in the day, we didn't have much time last night for anything other than a nice chat with the owner and a trip to the nearly adjacent pub, the Rose And Crown, for dinner. Which, in passing, was really quite good, despite the traditional lack of vegetarian options (well, I say that having had the "trio of sausages" dish). Getting back to the barn, I noticed the disconcertingly low light-pollution, so tried to take a star trails photograph, with mixed results ...

Burwash Startrails 1b

The air was rather damp last night, so as time passed, the lens got more and more condensation, with the result that only one really bright star was visible throughout the whole exposure period. Still the gradually fading trails work quite well.

Up early this morning to try for a local hike. Unsurprisingly given last night's condensation, dawn was nice and misty, especially in the valley below us. So out came the camera again. Here are our neighbours at the bottom of the garden, complete with a view over the sea of fog ...


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