Tuesday, 1 September 2009

File under: coincidences involving ambulances

We had an interesting (for us that is, unfortunate for everyone else involved) hat-trick of run-ins with a series of accidents over the weekend.

First, on Saturday we missed, by minutes, what appeared a horrendous car crash in the small town of Wickham. It was difficult to judge what had happened, but the wreckage strongly suggested someone travelling far, far too quickly for a town road. Next, and only a few hours and miles later, we were visiting one of the Hampshire Open Studios, when a young woman was thrown from her horse in a field attached to the venue. Cue sirens. Finally, on Monday we were just returning from the cinema (Killer Instinct) over the Itchen Bridge only to come across a traffic accident involving a cyclist and either a car or a moped. We seemingly only just missed being witnesses.

Anyway, any one of these incidents would be unusual in my experience, but to have three in the space of a little over 24 hours was really quite strange. Hopefully, broken bones was the worst suffered in each, but I suspect I'll never know either way.

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