Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Popular posts

Just spotted a widget that displays a blog's most popular posts. I've added it to the left sidebar (then patched it with help from over here), and it looks pretty good. At the moment it's showing my I ❤ MATLAB post from November last year as "most-loved". I've just looked at the stats and, for better or worse, this is unlikely to change any time soon - inexplicably, it's waaaay ahead of everything else. Can someone please help me and read something else here instead?


Tim said...

You can also set it so it displays based on stats from the past month. That's what I've done to bump down some earlier entries.

Plumbago said...

Hi Tim. Thanks for dropping by, and thanks for posting about the "Popular Posts" widget (particularly since Google seem not to have patched it yet!).

I spotted the bit in the widget set-up about using monthly stats, but I'm not sure that my blog's visited enough for the stats for one month to be useful! :-)

Anyway, having now properly clocked your blog, I reckon I'll be "borrowing" your accordion stuff soon - that's pretty cool.