Wednesday, 10 November 2010


And what's not to love ...

spiral arctic

This was just a bit of mucking about after I'd finished helping Bob work out how to do a polar plot of his ARIANE output.

I've never publicly declared my love for MATLAB here before, so coming clean about our 16-year affair is long overdue.


Emma said...

What's not to love? :)
And you use it for an excellent area of science!

devang said...

Plumbago, i am not familiar with artic mapping. what is this used for? can you comment a bit more on the background of this post?

Plumbago said...

Emma - Yes, Matlab is pretty loveable. It's pricey, mind, but it's worth it. ;-)

I'm not quite sure I used it for science on this particular occasion, but it's great for geographical plots.

Anyway, thanks for visiting!

Plumbago said...

devang - This particular plot wasn't really for any formal purpose. I'd been helping a friend plot up some geographical data in the Arctic, and just wanted to make something pretty. Matlab can be very obliging on this score. However, I normally get a lot of use out of it for proper plots - see here.

Thanks for dropping by!

Rodney Thomson said...

Hah, I also <3 MATLAB. I even have the blog to prove it:

Plumbago said...

Rodney - I think having a blog entitled iheartmatlab beats my single post with the same title! I'll now be scouring it for top tips.

I'm afraid there's not a whole lot more about Matlab here, but you can probably discern various plots I've made using it from time to time.

Thanks for stopping in.