Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Wasting time in the Wasteland

Confined to quarters today with a cold (which I've presumably passed along to everyone at work yesterday). While Live Mesh is still working with my work XP machine, this isn't a big hurdle that stops me working. Though a bigger one today seems to be the speed of the connection. Not sure if it's my end or NOC's end, but it's been painfully slow the last couple of hours this afternoon. A perfect excuse for a bit more Wasteland exploring and time-lapse "photography"!

First up is a movie taken from the Scavenger Platform on Lake Mead, and runs from sunrise to sunset ...

This second one shows an eastward view from the slopes of Mount Charleston, looking over the settlement of Jacobstown towards the distant New Vegas strip. Again, it's a sunrise to sunset affair ...

I just need to find a good vantage point to run-off a pretty sunset. Well, and the time - I expect I'll be back in my office tomorrow.

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