Friday, 11 March 2011


Ever since the almost unforgivable Armageddon, I've been wary of films involving Bruce Willis, but he's still someone who's able to turn in good work every now and again. Not that RED is exactly "high quality" - more a guilty, if solid, pleasure. By way of summary: retired CIA agent chats up improbably single office girl, only to have former employers come after him, necessitating abduction of said girl and hook-ups with varied former colleagues as the motive for targeting him is unravelled. Very little that happens in this "action comedy" comes as much of a surprise, but it makes up for its shallowness with some crowd-pleasing performances (cf. Mirren and Malkovich slumming it) and some enjoyably daft set-pieces. And, still my heart, it features the perfectly-formed smile of Mary-Louise Parker.
Grade: B (high +1 on the Leeper Scale)

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