Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Being rude to a Toryboy

We were visited yesterday evening by one of our too-young-to-shave Toryboy councillors, out canvassing ahead of next week's elections. Heckles appropriately raised, I first replied to his probing that I wouldn't be voting for him. But I went on to put the boot in (relatively speaking) by replying to his query, as to who I would be voting for, by saying "whoever keeps you out". Duly chastised he politely retreated.

The strange thing is that I now feel very uneasy at having been this rude. And it didn't take long for this to set in either - almost immediately, I flipped from triumphantly sticking it to him, over to "I don't know why I needed to be so uncivil; he was very polite; and what's with all this odious self-righteousness anyway?". Not at all a reaction I thought I'd ever get around to experiencing.

So perhaps there are things that I unknowingly judge as worse than being a Tory - being rude for instance? I don't think that this is me getting soft on the Tories, but even today I'm still aghast at my uncouthness.

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