Thursday, 28 April 2011

End of The Wire

It's been a long time coming. And though consumption of this precious, all-too-finite resource has been carefully regulated, we've finally watched our way through the final episode of The Wire. It's a little sad to see the last of McNulty, Bunk, Kima, Daniels and Freamon, but all good things must (eventually) end. And with the story largely coming round full-circle (bangers still bangin'; po-lice still chasing up murders; addicts still finding their fix), it was probably time to get off. It'd be great to spend a few more hours in the company of, for instance, the inimitable Bunk Moreland, but he's already shown us enough about how the city, its institutions and its citizens, play off against one another, and how the limitations of the former corrupt the best intentions of the latter.

So, onwards to new series, like The Killing and Rubicon. But will we ever see anything so grand and all-encompassing as The Wire again?

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