Monday, 18 April 2011

Border control cleared

My fears concerning passport validity the other day were ultimately misplaced, and I got to Paris without any hitches whatsoever (the RER is just great). The MyOcean meeting itself went largely as expected (no jeering, no heckling), though was a lot more interesting than 2010's Exeter jaunt largely because more time was spent on the science.

Anyway, as ever, Paris was the highlight of the trip. I wasn't there very long, but I had an evening to traipse through the streets around Jussieu with our slowly dying camera (RIP Fuji F610). One of the highlights of which was a sans-scaffolding Notre Dame ...


I don't think I've ever seen ND without a blanket of steel poles and plastic sheeting covering up at least a big chunk of it. Not this time!


And here's the Seine, looking lovely as ever.


And this is the venue for our meeting, Tour Zamansky on the Jussieu campus. We were up on level 10 (about halfway) so got good views over the city, sadly not of Paris' most famed buildings, but Paris is good looking in most directions.

Oh, and I managed to dine out (admittedly on beer and pizza) without dropping once to English. There weren't even pictures to point to on the menu!

Anyway, there's a full set of photographs over at Flickr.

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