Thursday, 17 June 2010


Further to yesterday's seagull announcement, I remembered to bring in the camera today and now realise that there are actually three chicks in our first seagull family ...


While shooting from my office, I also got pictures of one of the now adult-looking chicks from brood 1 ...


As well as the sole surviving, and now motherless, chick from brood 2 ...


Though lacking any kind of parental role model (since at least last week), this latter chick seems to be surviving alright. Then again, given how rubbish ducks are at successfully raising chicks to adulthood (at least in our quad), perhaps their absence isn't such a handicap?

In other duck news, the most recent brood (number 4 by our count) was down to a single, still-tiny chick as of yesterday. Not so good.

There are a few more pictures over here.

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