Saturday, 19 June 2010

Cat on a bush

It's not especially obvious why, but Pushkin is quite a fan of our backdoor (and formerly well-trimmed) bush ...

In case it's not blindingly obvious, Puskin's bowls are located immediately adjacent to the door on the left of the frame.


Anne Gearhart said...

I found it amousing (should be "amusing" but I'm leaving the keystroke error in!) that he seems to be breathing rapidly and appears to be sucked through the rails on a number of occasions.

Plumbago said...

Yes, she seems to periodically get pretty worked up while asleep. Being old-fashioned anthropomorphists, we put this down to dreaming, but I'm sure there's an army of behaviourists out there who insist that animals don't have the same internal states that we do (or that it's unspeakable nonsense to think that they do without cast-iron evidence).

I think that the sucked-through-the-bars issue could have been resolved if I'd chosen a better frequency for my photos. 10 seconds is a long time for a cat to do something - even old Pushkin (18 years young). For example, she was caught climbing up a wooden fence yesterday using only her claws. Apparently there's still a lot of life in her yet.