Friday, 25 June 2010

Life in the quad

Not much to report this week in the quad. In terms of ducks, we appear to have lost the final member of the youngest brood together with its mother. Other than that, we still have a full complement of first brood ducklings (7), plus the sole surviving member of the intermediate brood (still sans mother though). The latter duckling is still on the small side, but is doing surprisingly well given that it was abandoned several weeks ago, and still gets picked on by the remaining mother.

The three gull chicks do not appear to have been joined by any others just yet, in spite of there being at least two other mating pairs of seagulls on the spine of the roof opposite. All three chicks are looking pretty healthy, if a little overheated on the mercilessly sunny roof, although shade from one of the building's towers means that they do get a reprieve from the sun for part of the morning.

Anyway, that's all that passes for news from this office.

Update: I take it back, the youngest brood, both mother and duckling, is still in the quad. Must have just been hiding from me the past couple of days. So, vis-à-vis my opening statement above, there really is nothing to report from the quad this week.


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