Monday, 6 December 2010


I've spent the last few weeks cobbling together a research proposal called QUIP (Quantifying Uncertainty In arctic Productivity), but today finally fired it off to the tender mercies of our research council. By way of "celebrating" seeing the back of it, here's what my Case for Support looks like when fed through Wordle ...


The original can be seen here.

Anyway, what did I learn this time about the whole application-writing process?
  •   It's never to early to start using Je-S; don't underestimate the importance of morale-boosting green ticks
  •   Don't wait until the last week before starting the Pathways to Impact
  •   Check that partners are reading from the same page in good time; don't just assume
  •   Speak to PR to find out what's possible, and what sort of permissions and contacts are needed
  •   Circulate a draft of the proposal, even a rough one, well in advance of the closing date
Generally, just do stuff (much) earlier than the last week. Pretty basic, but in writing QUIP I didn't exactly conform ...

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