Friday, 17 December 2010

NOCS Christmas Quiz

Another Christmas tradition today: the NOCS Christmas Quiz. One that our team came oh-so-close to winning several years ago, but were defeated at the end on account of a misplayed (by me) points-doubling joker. To be fair, the jokers were blind, but if I'd played them on any round other than the one I did, we'd have won.

Anyway, drawing a veil over this catastrophe, how did we do today? In summary, we still didn't win, but our defeat wasn't quite so tainted by a gutting near miss. That said, going into the last round, we were placed joint first, but an excellent performance by one of our rivals on what was by far our worst round saw them justly take victory. As it happens we came joint second, but weathered a tie-break in which our answer was judged "more correct" than that of another rival (thanks to SXJ's knowledge of Halley's Comet visits). Our answers and score card can be seen below.

Christmas Quiz, 1

Christmas Quiz, 2

There's always next year ...

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