Saturday, 4 December 2010

Early snow chaos

Having had the worst snow in all my time in Southampton earlier this year, I thought that this was likely a one-off I'd not see the likes of for many more years. That didn't work out so good. After having smothered the rest of the country for much of the week, snow finally came to Woolston early Thursday morning, and we woke to an impressive 15 cm of ground cover. It stuck around all of Thursday, a lot of Friday, and is still here now, though very much on its last legs.

Needless to say, the standard traffic chaos came with the snow, and it was certainly a much quieter walk into work on Thursday (I didn't even dare cycle). In an unprecedented step for NOC, we even got turfed out of work early (verified by security) to take advantage of the fading sunlight and get home safely. That was a little over the top, but probably not a bad idea. Anyhow, to avoid a long hike in (made longer by my penchant for photographing every damn thing), I worked from home on Friday - and actually made more of this than usual by trying to squeeze out a grant proposal (of which more later). Today, warmer temperatures and a lot of rain is taking care of what snow didn't melt away yesterday. So, things are safer, but a lot more miserable.




More photographs over here.


mp73 said...

It sure was cold,however the snow in the parks around Southampton were lovely.

Plumbago said...

I'd agree, though while it was nice for a day or so, I'm also happy that it melted so quickly!

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