Friday, 22 October 2010

Staycation, day 5

With our cat in for a check-up at the vets in the afternoon, we didn't have as long for a walk today. Hoping to catch some autumn colour, we headed out to Boldrewood in the New Forest, which an article in a newspaper claimed was suitable ...

2010-10-22 Boldrewood walk

While it was certainly a nice day out in the forest (albeit a very short walk; 5.7 km), it wasn't particularly autumnal. Though the portion of the forest we visited had more than a few evergreens, there were enough deciduous to have made a show in principle, but they weren't playing ball. The closest we got was with the bracken on the forest floor ...


We also rediscovered just how difficult it is to find decent vegetarian options in rural pubs. After trying about four different places on the route back to Southampton, we gave up and had a sulky lunch back at home.

In passing, Pushkin checked out largely OK on her visit to the vet. Thyroid still shot to pieces, but acceptably aberrant for 18.5 years of age.

A few more photographs over at Flickr.

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