Monday, 18 October 2010

Staycation, day 1

We're having a staycation this autumn, largely so that we can keep an eye on the recently-ailing Pushkin (though the prospect of losing our jobs through the imminent cuts hasn't gone unnoticed). Anyway, because I've been away over the weekend, Day 1 strongly emphasised the "stay" part of our staycation so that we can do chores.

That said, we did manage out to see The Social Network in a late-afternoon screening that amassed an impressive 5 cinema-goers (including us). And it turned out to be a surprisingly good film. Perhaps not surprising given the writer and director, but the latter was most recently responsible for a true stinker. Anyhow, I understand that its relationship to reality may be a tad hazy in places, but it's a pretty good stab at turning a dot-com success story into a credible and engaging story. Though I won't be rushing to up my visit-rate to Facebook.

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