Tuesday, 31 August 2010

On yer bike

Taking advantage of usually nice weather for a Bank Holiday, we headed over to just outside of Beaulieu (Hatchet Pond to be exact) for a 16 km cycle around the forest.

2010-08-30 New Forest cycle

Though clear and sunny, it was a pretty cold ride at first while we were cycling through a more heath-covered portion of the New Forest. Bizarrely, we passed by a mini-runway set up for the exclusive use of miniature airplane enthusiasts. We were even buzzed by something that looked like a Messerschmitt at one point (it had the black Luftwaffe cross on the underside of its wings). But once we got into the trees in the more northerly part of the ride, things warmed up nicely, although there (modest) hills sapped energy levels ...


While C was recovering her strength, I took the time to try out a panorama of that portion of the New Forest (the photograph has a linked map) ...

2010-08-30 New Forest panorama

There are a couple more photos over at Flickr.

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