Friday, 20 August 2010

A MP replies ...

Well raise my rent! I got a (super-prompt) reply through the post from my MP. Or his private secretary at any rate. However, as a Shadow Minister (which is disappointing less sinister than it sounds) my MP is "unable" to sign either of the Early Day Motions (numbers 243 and 185). However, my letter has "prompted [my MP] to carefully consider the issues [I] raised", and the Minister of State for Schools, one Nick Gibb, has been advised of my concerns. Apparently I am to be informed of the outcome of this.

I'm actually rather impressed. I guess that MPs are pretty well set up for this sort of correspondence, but it's still rather pleasing to hear back so quickly. Especially given that Early Day Motions seem generally to get a pretty short shrift in parliament. Anyway, I await the next response with trepidation.

In passing, while checking up on them in Wikipedia, I came across mention of this delightfully misanthropic corker of an EDM.

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