Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Let the Malthusian dynamics begin

About a week earlier than in last April, our first batch of ducklings has appeared in the quad. I didn't spot them myself, but they were clocked from another office with a great view down into one of the bushes that they nest in. Given that they were all hiding under their mother, I wasn't able to do a headcount, but my corridormate thinks that there are already more than 10 chicks. That fits with last year's first batch which came in at 14. Anyway, I'll see about getting some pictures for Strange News, but I'm obviously prohibited from circulating them more widely.


Anne Gearhart said...

last night Gg and I watch a Nova/PBS episode titled "Rat Attack". Lots of fun Malthusian stuff.

Plumbago said...

Was the programme positing rats as a Malthusian corrective to our untrammelled population growth? :-)

So far the chicks in the quad seem to be doing well, but I'm sure that it'll all end in tears down the line.

Although, that said, and in defiance of NOC "policy", someone seems to be feeding them. So there may be blood down the line - it just might be oceanographer blood!