Sunday, 25 April 2010

Dr. M

Up to London this weekend on a long-overdue trip to see Dr. M. Because I'm not particularly well-organised (to say the least), our previous get-together is lost back in the mists of early 2009.

In fact, it's been so long that since this last visit, Dr. M has not only purchased an old terraced house in southwest London, but has almost completely renovated it. Before visiting, I'd interpreted his descriptions as pointing to it requiring something of a spruce up, but in fact it's been on the receiving end of some serious work. To the extent of interior walls being demolished and rebuilt; a total rewiring; the plumbing in of the house's first central heating system; and the removal of all traces of the previous owner's preferred decoration style (vintage 1960s, judging from the photographs). Anyway, an impressive work-over has occurred, though a little more tidying up will keep Dr. M busy a bit longer.

Post-house-appraisal, we headed off to London Bridge to take in a great market there, and to grab some beers in sight of St. Pauls. After a change or two of bars, and the departure of C on cat-feeding detail, we headed back out west for an evening of drunken philosophising, breeze-shooting and curry consumption. Most satisfying, though now largely forgotten.


Sunday took us out to Woking for some garden shopping. One large credit card transaction later, and Dr. M was all set to be self-sufficient in the produce-growing department. Well, in a few years once the veritable arboretum purchased comes of fruit-bearing age. I'm looking forwards to seeing how that all pans out next time I'm up. Which, hopefully, won't be after so long an interruption.

There are some more photographs here.

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