Sunday, 14 June 2009

Brecon Beacons, day 1

Got a bit of a shock from C: an early start. Though the windows are small, streaming sunlight elicited a prompt breakfast, and before long we were on the road.


DSC09508 We thought we’d start with an easy hike, so took in an ostensibly lake-side walk not far up the road at Llangors. “Ostensibly” because trees and extensive reed beds kept the lake an invisible distance from us until near the end. The walk took in some unfertilised grasslands, which (we were told by a helpful forestry commission worker) allow a wider range of wild flowers, including some lovely little orchids. And we finished up at a pretty church, so a bumper crop of stained glass window photographs resulted.


DSC09568 Next we drove out passed Brecon to visit the Mountain Centre that serves to provide information about the various peaks and hiking in the area. It also provided a rather nice lunch and another short-ish hike. This one took us north from the centre, up and down a bit before we finally reached a trig point and a panoramic photo-opportunity. Marginally more challenging than the lakeside walk, it also provided some good views of the distant Corn Du and Pen y Fan peaks that dominate the local skyline. The plan is to do these at some point in the week, but some degree of preparatory toughening-up of our hiking probably won’t go a miss first.


DSC09588 The return journey took in a provisions-run to Brecon before some home-cooked pasta eaten classily from large pyrex bowls – the house is somewhat less well-provisioned in specialist crockery. After dinner I plotted a short walk along the paths immediately around the house. However, the resulting journey was less straightforward than my OS plans suggested. In particular, a rather long stretch down a “Roman Road” was an overgrown trudge through a soup of insects. Similarly, the clear, diagonal home-straight on paper was actually an indistinct path across a rather sheep-soiled field. Still, in the end it mostly went to plan, despite C’s protestations.

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