Monday, 8 June 2009

Doubling time

Post-weekend, we still have our seven, steadily growing ducklings. They're now looking rather unlike the tiny chicks that they started life as back in April. This metamorphosis is even clearer than normal today when they're compared with the quad's newest arrivals: eight minute hatchlings. Given the absence of any other mother ducks in the quad, I had figured that we'd reached our final total for 2009, but apparently not. I'm not sure how this new batch will fare given the competition for food they'll face with the older brood, but I'll keep tabs on their numbers.

Interestingly, no sign yet of any seagull chicks. I've seen gulls foraging for nest-building material in the quad, but I can't see any chicks yet. The best spots are probably in the building's towers, which I don't get a good view of, but last year's seagull chicks were raised quite happily on the roof opposite me.

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