Sunday, 11 January 2009

Christmas itinerary

Purely to supplant dodgy memory ...
  • 23rd December: arrive in Carnoustie, 8 pm; discover parents' e-mail woes stem from not paying their AOL bills!

  • 24th December: last-minute Christmas shopping; confined to quarters by encroaching cold

  • 25th December: much recovered from cold; took a walk between East Haven and Arbroath; Christmas dinner with full family, including Jennifer, Gillian and Caitlin

  • 26th December: visited Colin and Catherine; travelled to Arbroath to see Graham's family; visited Duncan and Jennifer in the evening

  • 27th December: travelled to Alford to see Graham, Teresa and family

  • 28th December: morning hike up the Bennachie Hills to Mither Tap; afternoon saw Dave, Suze and family (all inclusive) visit my parents' house; evening out with Dave and Suze in the Aboukir; much drunken nonsense spoken by me

  • 29th December: traditional pub lunch with Phil in the Counting House, Dundee; visited Phil's parents afterwards; visited Stuart, Gillian and Caitlin in the evening

  • 30th December: spent most of the day shooting the breeze with parents; one last look at Carnoustie High School (1983-1989) before its demolition; return to Southampton, 10 pm


chimpaction said...

Wait! What?

"one last look at Carnoustie High School (1983-1989) before its demolition"

This is news to me....

chimpaction said...

I just Googled it and never even realised there had been a new school built!

Wow, I don't know how I feel about this now? I kind of feel like I'm gonna lose an important symbolic link to my past.

Plumbago said...

I suppose I heard about it more than a year ago, but it was still off in the future then, so I didn't think about it much.

This time round, there's a whole new building in the grounds of CHS and they're soon to knock down the old block (though not all of it). So I thought I'd better have a last look around.

Anyway, there's still time for a last wander around if you happen to be down in Arbroath any time soon. And I'll try to post up my photos to Flickr soon.

Either way, you're right, it's something of an important symbolic part of our past which seems strange to lose. Still, I like to think that all of the really important things (i.e. us) are still in place!

quaintance said...

So, you are an uncle! How cute is your niece? How proud is your brother? Are you enjoying the experience?

My nephew is fabulous . I apparently got him his favorite Christmas gift, so I feel like a RockStar!

Plumbago said...

Technically, Caitlin isn't related to me. She's my brother's fiancé's daughter from an earlier marriage. She's quite fun - and the only person I've ever played against with a Wii. A dubious claim to fame, I know.

That said, my other brother (Duncan) is scheduled to become a father, well, today I suppose. I texted his fiancé this morning, but she reckons it's going to be a few days yet. Not sure if we're getting a boy or a girl yet (the ultrasound suggests the latter).

For complete disclosure, all I've got is a god-daughter (yes, I know!).