Monday, 1 January 2018

My 2018 calendar

In an attempt to start getting content back into my blog, I'm going to take an easy route and shove in monthly entries based on the calendar I prepared for 2018 for family and friends. It's scraping the barrel in terms of content, but should at least give me an opportunity to test my memory on the photographs as they roll up. And give me 12+ entries for 2018 to boot.

This first snap is the cover image, and technically a cheat from 2016. We walked the Seven Sisters at the very end of the year as part of C's coastal quest, so after 2017's calendar had been pulled together - so justifiable use. The photo was actually taken on Beachy Head Road as we began our journey home. The local weather had conspired to have a local mass of air over the land that created the front that these clouds were stuck at. Or so we were told by one of the many the parascenders taking advantage of the conditions. Combined with the clear, calm weather, and a well-timed journey back, we got a spectacular view of the sunset over the Seven Sisters, and this photograph.

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