Sunday, 8 July 2012

SeaCity Museum


SeaCity Museum, a set on Flickr.

As part of a long-running renovation of the Civic Centre complex, Southampton now has a museum dedicated (largely) to its maritime heritage. More enticingly, the council has - arguably generously - given all residents of the city a set of free tickets ...

Perhaps unsurprisingly, about half of it is devoted to the city's most famous shipping connection, but the other half is pretty good too, taking in the development of Southampton as a city and spending quite a bit of time on its connections with migration.

Somewhat to our surprise (at least as indicated by the amount of time we put on our parking ticket) we wound up taking almost 4 hours to go through it all. They've done a good job with the content - it'll be interesting to see if / how often they update it.

There are also a few really nice uses of the old building too. Using an old court room for the Titanic inquest diorama works brilliantly, and C did like the transformation of the subterranean police cells into toilets!

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