Friday, 18 November 2011


Have I, like, totally missed something glaringly obvious in front of me? All this stuff (= attention in the popular press) about faster-than-light neutrinos seems to focus solely on its implications for the plausibility of time-travel (e.g. see today's offending item in the Grauniad). In an absolutely rigid, no-exceptions-allowed interpretation of GR, I can see why this might seem half-reasonable, but doesn't (the mainstream reading of) QM already point to FTL modes of "communication" between entangled particles? I appreciate, of course, that there are multiple interpretations of QM on this (and every other) point, but even leaving this aside, there appears to be no shortage of alternative explanations for this unexpected neutrino behaviour, none of which seem to involve time-travel. Then again, why engage with these ideas and be forced to have to explain them, when you can just fall back on a wildly implausible alternative that, thanks to decades of science fiction (d'oh!), requires no explanation whatsoever.

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