Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Day 6: St. Cyrus

DSC02082 by Dr Yool
DSC02082, a photo by Dr Yool on Flickr.
After an early start (it's a school day for Iona and Cameron!), I headed down the coast road back towards Carnoustie, with a few stops off along the way. First was Dunnottar Castle which, while closed, is always nice to see (and photograph). Next was a longer stop for a beach walk at St. Cyrus (see above). It's always been one of my favourite beach walks, and it didn't disappoint today. Not least because, as usual, I practically had the place to myself (except when buzzed by two military jets). The last stop was Montrose cemetery to visit Granny A's grave, in part to check that the adjacent tree hadn't toppled it (it hadn't). Then home to more pottering around.

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