Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The portrait in the attic

I visited BAG today to shoot the breeze about our outing last Friday (see below). While there I gave him a hand to clean and defrag the laptop that will be accompanying him to Oz. He'd never heard of defragging until today, and it showed. The disk map produced by Defraggler of his poor computer's hard-disk was like an electronic version of the Picture Of Dorian Gray. All of his virtual excess was logged in the shocking decrepitude I found. Instead of a few patches of fragged files, there were a few isolated islands of single-chunk files. One file even managed to clock up almost 100,000 fragments. Not that catching sight of the evidence of his shameful binary depravity perturbed BAG at all - freed of the constraints of civilised society down under, I expect he'll get even worse.

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