Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Cheerio to a bonzer mate


Cheerio to a bonzer mate, a set on Flickr.

Friday was our first outing to say "cheerio" to our good friend and workmate, BAG. Together with his family, he's soon to depart for our antipodean prison colony, where he'll be taking up a job with the Aussie equivalent of the UK Met. Office, the sinisterly-named "Bureau".

We started out at Southampton's annual beer festival in the Guild Hall, and after a few beers of mixed quality (Perridge Pale a particular high point) headed to the rooftop garden of a nearby pub. After a blistering period of shortwave irradiation, we headed back to BAG's home, where his good lady wife, T, served us a fine Sri Lankan curry. Then, inevitably, the cigars came out. As they can't be imported to Oz, they had to be smoked, and I did my bit, albeit with consequences - a splitting early AM headache that paracetamol took it's good time taking the edge off.

Anyway, more events to cheer BAG on his way will doubtless occur in the next month, so this isn't (quite) the last Flickr will be seeing of him.

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