Sunday, 15 May 2011

Minstead hike

DSC004752011-05-15 Minstead walkDSC00476DSC00477DSC00480DSC00482

Minstead hike, a set on Flickr.

A nice 10 km hike through the "village" of Minstead and the surrounding portions of the New Forest. The forest portions were, thankfully, largely that - forest - rather than the blasted heath that often passes for the New Forest, and the weather was with us more than on our recent jaunt to nearby Fritham.

As the map shows, my attempt to pre-program the walk into my GPS was somewhat hamstrung by changes in the layout of the forest that don't appear in the OS maps that I have. Not enough to get us lost this time. Google also seems to have some mismatch that shifts its satellite mapping a few 10s of metres eastwards.

P.S. Further to the above, and thanks to G, I've uploaded the GPS information from our walk into GoogleMaps and created the little map below ...

View Minstead walk in a larger map

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