Thursday, 17 February 2011

Alternative "medicine"

After having read about the government's plan to regulate herbal medicine, with its side-lining of the idea that, perhaps, evidence matters, I came across this news item on the website of the lobbying organisation that "achieved" this triumph. Unable to stand the crowing there, I fired off a comment, which is now awaiting moderation. I suspect that it won't be getting published, but I'm just livid at how vested interests, via their mercenary lobbyists, can make a nonsense of evidence-based considerations.

Nice one Cogitamus. Scoring a goal against rational, evidence-based health care policy is quite a result. You must be really proud to be servicing value-free clients such as the EHTPA against the best interests of the general public. It’s reassuring to know that corporate ethical standards (which I note you make a point of emphasising) having nothing to do with corresponding human ethical standards. What next? I’m sure that, say, the arms industry could really benefit from slackening the restrictions that prevent it from supplying whomever it wants. Best wishes for your next triumph over sanity.

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