Thursday, 27 January 2011

Palestinian Leaks

It seems to be something in the air at the moment. Though not mediated by Wikileaks this time, this past week's leaking of papers concerning Palestinian diplomacy have been highly instructive. However, not, I would argue, because of the reaction they've caused, but rather because of what's largely going unsaid about them.

Media attention has focused on the understandable reaction of the Palestinian public to news of just how far their leaders have been prepared to go to achieve a settlement with the Israelis. Which makes sense given the frankly surprising terms the authorities were proposing.

Much more significant to my mind, and much less remarked upon, is how these negotiations expose the towering intransigence of the Israelis. If they won't accept even these outrageously generous terms, what will they accept? The simple answer, which I've long believed to be the case, is that they are neither negotiating in good faith nor have the slightest interest in dealing with the UN-recognised fallout that their state's creation has resulted in.

Further, there seems to be very little comment on how this paints western powers, such as the US, who appear, in their support for the ostensibly democratic Israel, happy propping up a occupying power with no interest in human rights or justice.

Not, sadly, that this comes as any surprise. But will things change when the bad faith of the Israelis has been so prominently unveiled? I shan't be holding my breath.

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