Sunday, 2 January 2011


Biomodelling Christmas Lunch 2010

Finally got around to sorting out the photographs from 2010's Biomodelling Christmas Lunch. Unfortunately, an inexplicably low ISO setting left quite a few heavily blurred, and this was followed by the camera's flash bulb giving up the ghost while the night was still young. So something of slim pickings this year, though there were a few good ones along the way ...




More photos over at Flickr.

Anyway, the meal went pretty well again this year. Better, in fact, than other years I'd say. So we might well wind up back at the RSYC later this year. That said, I think I may try to delegate organising to someone else next time though. It's not exactly a big deal to sort out, but I've probably served my time by now - not least because I've been conservatively sticking to the same formula for years.

In other news, and cf. an earlier posting, we did shamble onto the usual territory when we were all slightly the worse for wear. Not my doing this time, but APM and BS were keen to rabble-rouse for their side of the argument. I don't think that they won many converts, in fact if anything they seemed to stir natural allies against them, but critical thinking skills were probably not at their sharpest then.

I wound up at the periphery of the discussion debating (with the BAG man) whether the "free will" I'm interested in is more or less important than a sociological definition concerning the opportunities available to less fortunate members of society. That was fun, though I seem to recall that we drifted markedly, and that I wound up in full misanthrope mode and bemoaning the fate of the environment. Fun, fun, fun.

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