Sunday, 19 September 2010

Sunrise cycling

Up and out uncharacteristically early yesterday morning to catch sunrise on my new bicycle. I've worked out a nice easy route out east to Netley that takes me along the shore of Southampton Water, through Royal Victoria Country Park's war cemetery, and then back a slightly different way that tries to avoid overlap.

2010-09-18 morning cycle ride

It's about 11 miles in length, and should only take an hour if I'm dawdling. Or two if, as happened yesterday, I take our camera with me. Cue lots of shots with nice morning skies, plus a few panoramas. Having had trouble stitching some of the latter together, I need to revisit how best to take them.


Anyway, it's a nice, largely quiet route, especially at 7 AM. If somewhat colder yesterday than I anticipated - I was lulled into a false sense of security by the first warming rays of the sun as I was getting ready to set off. Gloves next time for sure.

DSC03828 panorama

More photographs over at Flickr.

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