Monday, 13 September 2010

Detective work

Since he's long overdue an entry at Wikipedia, I've started writing one for Mike Fasham. As part of this, I wanted to say something about his doctoral thesis, but having been written in the pre-web world of 1968, online information about it has been difficult to come by (= not a sausage). However, the University of Birmingham's library service has come up trumps, and just a couple of days after asking, they've furnished me with the following scan of the index card describing Mike's thesis ...

I suspect that actually seeing Mike's thesis would require a trip to the West Midlands (or possibly to the British Library if theses were routinely microfiched there in 1968; as mine was in 1998), but I've got enough to be getting on with for now. Anyway, it's reassuring to know that even pre-Internetocene information has a presence in our current electronic aether.

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