Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Sucker for polls: how moral am I?

As a confirmed sucker for online polls, I couldn't resist this one on "moral politics" that floated passed. Although identifying one's core views with only 16 questions is unlikely to throw up anything significant, with so few questions what's to lose?


Apparently this result means that I'm positive on the "moral rules" dimension (i.e. I favour a collectivist viewpoint), and negative on the "moral order" dimension (i.e. I don't believe in a sturdy ladder of moral authority). Basically, I'm a godless communist.

Somewhat more subtle (= has more questions) is this so-called "political compass". It's a bit more arduous to complete in terms of its length, but it also has fewer questions that stumped me. As it happens, I've taken it a couple of times in the past and largely find myself stuck in the same quadrant ...


Still there this time too: I'm a subversive communist who wants to replace "family values" with "anything goes". Or something.

Overall, slightly more informative than astrology, but since the latter poll has me sitting pretty with the Dalai Lama, some salt definitely needs pinching (if there's any left that's not already been ear-marked for the snowy roads).


Anne Gearhart said...

Capitalistic Liberalism for me. Very interesting; I am to share this and learn more!

Plumbago said...

So long as you're not an Ayn Rand fan ... ;-)

(To say the least ...) I think the politics poll is a little unsubtle in its economics axis. I'm pretty far from supporting anything like Clause IV, but my score suggests that I've already written my first Five Year Plan!

Still, it seems considerably more subtle than the moral compass which, as well assessing on the basis of a handful of questions, even had axes that were somewhat difficult to understand.