Friday, 15 January 2010

"MP In Sex Scandal"

Dipping once again into the world of Inspector Rebus, this time with Strip Jack, the fourth in Ian Rankin's series.

Orchestrated by his Chief Inspector as part of a moral drive to clean up Edinburgh, Rebus finds himself part of a raid on one of the city's brothels, unexpectedly discovering popular local MP, Gregor Jack. When Jack's unorthodox wife, Elizabeth, subsequently disappears without trace, Rebus' attention gradually turns to the tight-knit circle of childhood friends that she and Jack associate with. As the investigation proceeds, Rebus builds up a picture of Elizabeth more suggestive of a wild-child than the constituency wife of a young MP. Furthermore, as the investigation appears to link to a second concerning a spate of recent murders of women, Rebus begins to suspect that Jack is actually being framed in a campaign to strip him of his reputation and standing.

There's actually not a lot that I can write about this book. It's pretty satisfying Rebus fare, with little about it that merits much expansion. I did like the digression into childhood friends, and how such relationships change (or not) into adulthood, but otherwise the novel was a fairly routine, if twisty, crime novel. Well up to Rankin's usual literary standards, but not necessarily stand-out.

Only another 13 novels in the series to read ...

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