Tuesday, 2 December 2008

One moon and two planets

Yesterday evening saw an occultation of the planet Venus by our Moon. While I had heard about this, I completely forgot on the day. However, while cycling home, I did spot something interesting around the Moon ...

Although the occultation was passed, Venus was still visible just to the lower right of the bright limb of the Moon. On top of that, Jupiter (top right) was also in close proximity to the Moon, making for a nice triple. The above is my attempt to capture this from the front garden (full size version).

Thanks to Simon (former professional, now amateur astronomer) for identifying Jupiter for me.


Anne said...

Nicely done.

Plumbago said...

Thank you very much!

It's the only really presentable photo from about 20 I took. Because it was pretty cold here, my first abortive attempts were made from indoors, but I got better shots when I stepped outside (despite the light pollution). Anyway, there was much playing about with exposure duration and ISO settings, but the final photo is completely unaltered (bar a bit of cropping).