Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Biomodelling Christmas Lunch 2008

Yesterday was the annual "Biomodellers and friends" Christmas Lunch over at the Royal Southampton Yacht Club.

While they're not the cheapest Christmas lunch option, we've gone there for the previous two lunches on account of the location and quality, and yesterday didn't disappoint. For once we were just one of several parties, but that didn't affect the experience at all. If anything, it created a nice background Christmas bustle.

Post-meal saw us (briefly) in what used to be the Cork and Bottle pub, before we finally ensconced ourselves in our traditional bolt-hole, The Platform. Packed as usual, but a good venue. Even if they did, latterly, have some live jazz.

A photographic record of the event can be found over at Flickr.


Anne said...

I looked at the photos although you were of course the only person I'd recognise. What I enjoyed most was watching what seemed to be the progression of inebriation. Did you and C take me to the Platform when I visited you? Looks vaguely familiar in the shots, but who knows...

Plumbago said...

Yes, we did go to the Platform when you visited. Well spotted!

I think you're right about the blood-alcohol levels. While all of us were still fairly coherent by the end of the evening (a worryingly early 10pm finish), it would be inaccurate to assert that my photography was not "chemically enhanced".

That said, I do find that people make better subjects later on in an event than at its start. No doubt in part because people need to relax (chemically or otherwise), but also possibly because I am inclined to take more unusual photographs only once the basic ones have been done.

Then again, I could just be covering for my alcohol consumption!