Friday, 29 August 2008


A quick duck update. The Runner is still with us, but looks like he/she still has a bit of growth to go before leaving the quad is an option. The seagull chicks, however, appear to have finally gone. I don't think I've even seen them this week. They could be hiding on the other side of the roof, since I can't access a viewpoint for there, but up till now they've split their time between the two sides.

In other roof news, although there doesn't appear to have been an increase in seagull activity (in fact, it seems the reverse), there's certainly been an increase in guano production. The roof opposite has gone from slate grey to a rather speckled appearance. This happened last year too, and required a good dose of autumnal rain to sort it out. The strange thing is that it does seem to have happened in the absence of any change in seagull activity. Perhaps NOCS serves as an overnight rest-stop for seagulls who've spent the day gorging at the local dump or something? Clearly the world is just full of mysteries ...

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